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We provide platform to harness the expertise, resources and network connections to contribute towards elevation of the health and well-being of under-served people in the motherland.

Who We Are

Akalaka Foundation Inc, USA was established with a goal to assisting the less privileged youths and children in Africa towards their socio economic emancipation as well to assist African men and women generally to rediscover their rich cultural values, customs and economic potentials; more importantly the organization has a mandate to support the vulnerable women and children in African society even as it addresses the unfortunate high rate of maternal and infant mortality/family planning.

The organization has over the years carried out community based poverty

alleviation programs where some palliatives weredistributed to some indigent persons especially women in Nigeria and some other west African Countries.

The foundation has significantly assisted over 500 children including some medical students through her education scholarship project. Medical Out Reaches were also carried out at some selected Communities and this aspect of the health project is of great importance to the poor people of the areas.


annual medical outreach


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Join us to expand the reach of our annual medical mission in Africa.

Why Africa?

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Africa is a Continent marred with mass poverty, diseases and hunger caused by gross misappropriation of public funds and strife among its ruling class. Resultantly, several millions of Africans seek for refuge and one asylum or the other in foreign lands due to tyranny of its leaders and insecurity that is common in most countries of the Continent especially Nigeria.

Akalaka Foundation therefore targets these communities for proper orientation and redirection on appropriate values and ethical conducts. Expectedly, any assistance given to this group of people will enable them to settle in their countries and thereby give less problems to America, Europe and the rest of the world. This ensures significant contribution to ensuring world peace and order.

Activities and Objectives

Akalaka Foundation has since inception carried out a number of successful projects aimed at improving the quality of lives of some Communities in Nigeria. These activities are in line with the organisation’s general objective of sensitizing Africans towards economic self-reliance and self-sustainability. Notable among these activities/projects include but not limited to:


School fees of some indigent but brilliant children are paid as motivations for parents to send their children/wards to school. It is important to emphasise that proper education is key to Africa’s development and emancipation from misrule, diseases and hunger.

Socioeconomic Empowerment

Akalaka Foundationl supports some Nigerian communities to rediscover their potentials with a view to sustainable livelihood amidst growing hunger, insecurity, mass corruption and economic uncertainty which is worsened by covid-19 pandemic in the Country.

Capacity Development

The Foundation provides capacity building for young men and women to equip them with needed skills for some selected trades and crafts. Micro credits are granted to trained persons under a revolving loan scheme.


Board and Trustees

Izuchukwu Eugene Ezeonu

Corporate Manager, USA

Dr. Calista Ebelechukwu Ezeokoye

Dr. Calista Ebelechukwu Ezeokoye

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, USA

High Chief Eric Igweshi

Director of Projects, Nigeria

Our Approach

Akalaka Foundation Inc USA through Afro Music festival/Movie Premier carries out social events aimed at promoting the rich African cultures through art works, music and movies. Mentorship of Africans in several aspects of life is one of the cardinal approaches aimed at proper orientation of Africans in Diaspora towards African development.

Exhibition of African arts and monuments are also carried out to raise funds for the stated objectives.

Support us as we bring hope to people and communities in need in the motherland

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